Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkExperto?

LinkExperto is a B2B Lead Generation and Business Development company specialised in delivering solid business leads from your personal and professional profiles on LinkedIn.

Can LinkExperto help optimize my LinkedIn profile?

If you sign up with LinkExperto, we will optimize your LinkedIn account headline and make profile image recommendations as part of the onboarding process to increase your networking response rate.

Does LinkExperto need access to my LinkedIn account?

Yes. What makes our lead generation campaigns successful is that the outreach comes directly from your company.

Does LinkExperto send messages to my current 1st degree network?

We exclude your current connections before launching your outreach campaign, unless you ask us to message your first degree network.

Does LinkExperto respond to prospects on my behalf?

No, we found clients are the best as handling responses because of their “ know how” on their company.

Is there a risk of my profile being suspended if I use LinkExperto?

No. LinkExperto always stays under the maximum limit of connection requests and never sends spam messages.